Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Brain Blitz

Have you ever had those nights where your brain just wouldn’t shut off?  No matter how tired you find your body, your thoughts toss, tumble and twist through your subconscious, along with your conscious body, contorting your dreams, until the sun comes up the next morning?  Then, exhaustion grabs hold of you throughout the day, you find yourself sluggish, irritable and unproductive?  Well, I HATE those days.  Even the most mundane of tasks are difficult to complete.

I love an active brain.  I get extremely excited when thoughts, ideas and new concepts flutter through my intellect.  It makes me feel like Indiana Jones on a new adventure; my soul thirsts for fresh knowledge and hungers for innovative treasures.    Most of all, I love being productive, even if it’s just finishing a small task.  At least it’s been completed and I’m one step closer to another goal.  BUT, being unproductive is the thing I hate most in this world. 

I haven’t found a ‘cure’ yet for when I have a brain blitz.  I’ve tried praying, exercising, drinking warm milk, take a sleeping aid, having white noise in the background, reading (which is the worse, especially if the story is interesting), taking a hot bath, and even taking cold medicine (which is not advisable). I’d love to hear your suggestions.  What has worked for you?

Till next time,
~Desperately Seeking Sound Sleep

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  1. Get up and write!! Also, I feel ya.