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Review of Milledgeville Misfit by Anitasbooks.com

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MISFIT written by T. L. Gray

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written by T. L. Gray

How would you feel if you were living in a big city like Atlanta and suddenly you were forced to go live in a rural town with a not-so-great reputation?  In T. L. Gray’s story a car accident occurs which forces a young girl named Juniper, but better known to her close friends as Junebug, to move to Milledgeville, Georgia where her closest relatives, whom she has never met, reside.

While she is there she gets to know a group of children that the reader is left to choose and to determine for themselves their state of existence.  It is especially fun to read about our local area being written about in MILLEDGEVILLE MISFIT.  While you are reading you are left feeling as though Junebug is someone that you could be friends with from down the street or that lives next door.

The author’s writing is very imaginative and creative. T. L. Gray even adds an educational tint to the book as she teaches the characters Biblical scripture, manners, and even gets down to the nitty-gritty of the English language to what a metaphor is. Of course as these things are explained to the book’s characters the reader is reaping the benefit too.
The book is scary and you will find yourself sitting on the edge of your seat as well as looking over your shoulder and being sensitive to having a chill.   You will  quickly turn the pages to discover what adventure or trouble Junebug will get into next.  At one point Junebug is led to do some important research at the library and finds that newspapers sometimes can be very revealing and horrifying.

I believe that a young person who likes ghosts and haunted houses would find this book extremely enticing. This book certainly stretches the imagination of the reader and leaves them pondering Milledgeville’s reputation as a “looney-bin.” I suggest that young people will enjoy reading and seeing how Junebug’s malady leaves the adults confused and out of the picture for the most part. And you have to read every single page if you want to find out if Junebug has a love interest or not.     This book is an exciting and fun read and rates 5 tiaras for the young adult reader.  Just remember to watch out if you’re reading it when you are home alone or at night with a flashlight under the covers. Boo!

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