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Booked Up - Review!

Review of Milledgeville Misfit

I love opening my mailbox and finding a new review.  This morning was no exception.  Here is the latest 4-star review I received from blogger/reviewer Jessica Jillings of Booked Up.  Enjoy!

    “Never in my entire life have I read a book that has been even similar to this, and I feel like I have experienced something amazing by reading Milledgeville Misfit. You need to have an open mind to read this, and at first you may be skeptical, but stick with it and you will be incredibly impressed.
     The beginning was quite slow and hard to get in to at first, but soon it starts to pick up the pace and only gets better and better. You just have to give this some time and read on. Junebug was a brilliant main character, and what she went through was awful. I got to watch her go from a child to a young woman, all in 168 magical pages. I feel like I went through it all by her side, feeling what she felt, thinking what she thought and choosing what she chose. But if I had actually been Junebug, I don't know how I could of handled her situation.

     I felt for every single orphan, especially little Abby with her golden locks and poorly stitched teddy bear. I also loved Daniel, the handsome older boy, Susan, the motherly young woman, Eddie, forever watching TV, Alex, the pink haired animal lover and finally Michael, the boy in a red baseball cap. I physically cared for each and every child. Every orphan had a background story and whilst reading them, I found that my mouth was hanging open in shock!

     Something that I wasn't so keen on was the front cover, which just came across as sort of dreary and boring-looking, but apart from that, I can hardly find faults. Oh, and one quick warning: Do not read this book at night, it gets quite eerie!
     Throughout this entire novel, I was forever asking myself whether all of this was real or fantasy, and because of this T.L. Gray is a very clever author. I love also how the author has even managed to include a little love interest in this book too! It's that extra touch that makes this novel so great.
     At times I wondered whether this was simply a horror story, and I couldn't have been more fooled. This is a tale of grieving, family, love, and what you believe in.

    I'm just surprised that I hadn't heard of T.L. Gray sooner, she is already one of the best authors I know, after reading just one of her books. I highly recommend this to everyone I know, and already have a queue of friends that are begging to borrow this from me! So thank you so much T.L. Gray and her publisher for giving me the chance to read and review this masterpiece.

      I give Milledgeville Misfit a 4/5, with just one star lost because of the dreary front cover and slow beginning. Other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed this, and my mind has pretty much be blown! Go to or for more info about the author!”

Well, that was probably one of the best reviews I've received so far, including the lack of enthusiasm for my cover.  Make sure you guys drop by Booked Up and let Jessica know you appreciate her review. 

Till next time,
~T.L. Gray

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