Thursday, April 05, 2012

Dig In, and Dig Deep!

Today's advice?  Push on!  Don't give up!  Don't stop!  Dig in, and dig deep.

Remember:  Things don't happen spontaneously or immediately.  You can't grow something you haven't planted. If things are happening, it's because you're doing something, even if it's just taking one little step at a time.  If NOTHING is happening, it's because you're doing NOTHING.  

Things sometimes don't grow as you'd like them too.  We only sow the seed, but where, how, and when it grows is up to something bigger than us.  BUT, what is in our control is often how we sow.  If we scatter enough seed, something will eventually take root.  So, don't just plant one seed - you might get disappointed, because not all seeds produce a harvest.  There are many factors that can come into our lives that can destroy the seed we've planted beyond our control; not enough sunlight, predators, pestilence, too much water, disease, wrong alkalinity of the soil, no fertilizer, etc. But, if you scatter many seeds, you WILL receive some form of a harvest. 

Look around you today?  What does your field look like?  What are you producing?  Do you start something and never finish it?  Do you have a lot of great ideas but never act on them?  Do you share what you have with others?  Do you sow into someone else' field and build a support system for cross-genesis? If not, how do you expect to receive?  Why do you believe you'll get something for nothing?  Who will stand beside you when you refuse to stand beside others?  Keep thinking you don't need anyone else, and no one else will ever need you.

Till next time,
~T.L. Gray

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  1. Wonderful advice. Building the support system and maintaining it can be a task, with time so precious, but without it we can keep moving steadily in a direction that goes nowhere. As I have read in your writings, good, heartfelt critique can stop us in our tracks and turn us in the right direction.