Thursday, April 26, 2012

I'm Published ...Now What?

For years, many writers go through the process of writing, editing, sending out query letters, getting an agent, and then finally signing a contract with a publisher.  There’s nothing like the feeling of wrapping your fingers around the first physical copy of your published book, seeing your name (or pen name) inked across the cover, or seeing the typeset font or illustrations of your imagination spread on every page. 

There are a few lucky ones out there where this process may have been quick, but only a rare few.  Most writers have dedicated a large portion of their life in the pursuit of publication, with MANY never achieving that goal.  But, publication isn’t the end of the race, it’s only the beginning.  It’s the loud boom of the starting pistol.  Published writers have donned the uniforms, made the team, and stepped into the role of “author”.  NOW is the time to run!

Running a race is hard.  It requires endurance, strength, stamina, persistence, determination and all the synonyms that relate to these attributes.  It’s not a lazy person’s sport as some seem to think and many, many others have discovered is not true. It takes training, practice, and dedication in the same manner as an athlete preparing to compete, but in the ‘literary’ sense.   

For writers considering publication, here’s something to consider.  Don’t set yourself up for a shock or a major disappointment by thinking that getting published is the pinnacle, the top, “the” goal to achieve.  It is “a” goal, but only one of many.  Set your sights on being a successful author, a productive writer and a master marketer.  Those are the skills that will get you to the finish line.  Those are identifiers, characteristics and the making of the truly successful. 

Till next time,
~T.L. Gray


  1. Very well said! As newly published, I so agree with this. It's just a step, though a large one, and then we are off stair-climbing again. We need to visualize that we are Dall Sheep.

  2. Thank you for the comment. I wish you much, much success in your publishing endeavors!