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A Story that Defies Classification


Reviews Of Books Recently Written By Southside Authors
Compiled by:  Forrest W. Schultz   770-583-3258
April 24, 2012

A Ghost Story That Defies Classification

 A review of

T. L. Gray Milledgeville Misfit (Vabella Publishing, 2012)
                  178 pp   $13.95   ISBN-10: 0983433275   ISBN-13: 978-0983433279

Review Attempted By:  Forrest Schultz

     Carroll County author T. L. Gary has written one of the most interesting and mysterious ghost stories I have ever read, and one that I find impossible to categorize.  At its surprising ending the reader learns that the newly orphaned Juniper "June Bug" Somerville has helped six ghost orphans from the twentieth century and that they have helped her. (I cannot tell you the nature of the help they received without giving away the story, which is well told, although it is a bit slow at the beginning.) We are not told how this could have happened without violating the laws of physics.  The rear jacket lets the reader decide, which is a clever ploy! 

     I recently told someone that the only adjective adequate to describe the stories of H. P. Lovecraft is that they are "Lovecraftian".  Likewise, I here proclaim that the only adjective adequate to describe this story by T. L. Gray is to say that it is "T. L. Grayish"!! 

     Well, I guess this is to be expected of an author who has written a story where Cain is still alive and well and causing mischief.  This story, Cain, is about to come out in a second edition, which I also intend to read
and review.  

     Information on T. L Gray is available at and 

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