Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Building Dreams

When I wake in the mornings, sometimes my thoughts linger in that place found between dreaming and awake.  Often I write these expressions down unaware or half asleep.  I often find them to be some of the most profound thoughts, scattered at times with vibrant clarity, and others with a dark depth, sometimes so cavernous it takes me long periods of time for the truth to be revealed.  I wish I could say they're my own conscious thoughts, my own reasoning, my own wisdom, but I don't feel I could take full credit for them because I have yet to comprehend and haven't even begun to understand many of them.

I call these - Musings

My musing this morning was this:  Dreams aren't just meant to be enjoyed in the night, but to serve as inspiration and a blueprint of what is possible in the day.  But don't sit and wait for them to come true on their own - go out and start making the changes necessary to transform what is what could be.  A dream doesn't build itself.

You don't know how many times I sat back and waited patiently for my dreams to happen on their own, or become possible by the magical wave of a higher power's hand to make everything fall into place.  Too many times I've read stories where all these miraculous happenstances occur for other people.  I believed it was 'good fortune' I waited for in order for things to happen.  But, 'when I was a child, I thought as a child.  I have now put away those childish thoughts'. 

Yes, I still believe in a higher power (God), probably even more now than I did when I believed in blind faith. I just don't see His purpose or operation in my life in the same respect and find I'm less disappointed when magic doesn't happen as I had falsely expected and built in my mind.  I find a strength, a wisdom, and a source of understanding that helps me navigate, survive, overcome, and plow trough this harsh world while I'm here. 

I have big dreams.  I have sat back in meek humbleness waiting for lightening to strike to make those dreams come true, believing if I was good enough, faithful enough, and wished and hoped hard enough things would fall into place, and those doors I needed to make it happen would pop up in front of me and all I had to do was choose which ones I wanted to walk through.  Wasn't that the dream fed to us?  It wasn't the truth.  Every great dreamer I've studied had to fight for every opportunity, had to sacrifice more than they thought capable, and possess a determination to get up again and again no matter how many times they fail.  I wondered what propelled them.  Was it their hope in magic or their vision of a blueprint and knew that somehow, someway, they could transform their what is into what could be?  They had the blueprints, but through toil, dedication and determination they had to learn how to build, how to read the plans, how to construct and how to place that dream together piece by piece - each piece often unrecognizable on it's own. 

Perhaps that's where I've been wrong all this time, believing myself a Dreamer when I'm really a Visionary. 

What are your dreams?  What do you envision for yourself?  How do you expect to get there?

Till next time,
~T.L. Gray


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