Thursday, January 09, 2014

Time to Soar by Marie Pennington

Time to Soar

 by  Marie Pennington

Jumped from the nest

My wings spread

Falling, falling!

Down I go.

How will I fly?

I do not know.

Still I try,

Sure to hit hard.

The ground coming fast.

Sure to splatter,

flapping, flapping.

I give it a try.

How will I fly?

All alone,

Flapping, flapping,

I hear,

"You can do this!"

"Just have faith"

Hard ground coming,

Fate comes fast,

My wings spread,

flapping, flapping,

Others follow suit

No longer alone.

Gaining strength,

Rising, rising,

Wings spreading out,

Flapping, flapping,

Struggling to rise,

I will Fly!

It's time to soar.

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