Monday, January 16, 2006

Crazy4Smallville's Weekly Review 5:10 Fanatic

This review is late because I missed watching Smallville on Thursday because of a scheduled meeting. My husband had bought me a new DVR - and I set it to record Smallville. It did, but not so that I could watch it. It would play only 1 minute at a time and then skip ten. But, I thought I had saved myself, because I had also set the VCR. It recorded fine - but not Smallville. Instead I got two episodes of the Simpsons. It seems that I haven't used my VCR since early fall - and the time had not been changed when we switched daylight savings time back in November. So, just as Smallville came on... the recording stopped. There is no describing how frustrated I was. I ran me a very hot bubble bath and read a book to keep my mind off of Smallville.

However, that didn't work for too long. I knew there was a copy out there and I just had to watch it. So, on Saturday afternoon I found myself sitting on someone else's couch watching this episode. Since then, my husband worked most of Saturday to find out why my DVR recorded the way it did and has set the correct time on the VCR. Yet, I'm still worried. Though we successfully recorded Desperate Housewives last night, I still worry. Because, my next scheduled appointment just happens to be the night of the 100th episode.

So, what about Fanatic? It was... okay. There was some funny parts and some moments, but it was really full of much of the 'same old' things.

How many times will Lex conviently get knocked out? Maybe his psychotic problems is not due to his fathers sadistic teachings and rantings, but of being konked over the head.

How many more times will Lex show up at the hospital showing concern for one of the Kent's and he and Clark have an angst moment? For Pete's sake... that conversation has been beat to death.

How many more psycho's are obsessed with either Lex, Clark or Lana? I suppose since the three spend more time in Metropolis - there's a whole new slew of them. Granted they've already went through the whole population of Smallville.

How many more times will Pa Kent get the crap kicked out of him? I mean - he's already taking some red pills to stay alive. Maybe he wouldn't need them if he wasn't always getting hurt. I'll reiterate what I've always said before - he's really is SuperDad. It's a miracle he's survived this long. But, I have a feeling he's only got a few more episodes until all the abuse finally catches up to him.

Prediction: Jonathan Kent will die at the hands of Lana Lang.

How many more times does Clark and Lana have to have an intense moment and then a conversation about trust and lies? That's what they're whole relationship has been based on. If Clark would just be honest with her and she with Clark - then there would be nothing left but the physical aspect of the relationship - and that might not even be possible. This see-saw has been going on for five years and yet it continues. I'm tired of loft scenes, excuses and mind games.

How many more times will Clark be completely insensitive to Chloe's feelings? It's one thing to continue in an unhealthy obsession - while your best friend sticks by you. It's another to keep rubbing that disaster into their face. As much as I found their conversation hilarious and awkward, I didn't see the purpose for it. So, Clark's having some trust issues with Lana and his abilities to commit fornication. Clark doesn't want to hear what Chloe has to say, because he knows that it wouldn't be anything he wants to do. Only one thing came to verition - He clearly shows that he doesn't trust Lana and he absolutely trusts Chloe (even with the most intimate details)- yet he's still blind as a bat.

Now, onto the good stuff in the episode:

Lionel Luthor - what is that man up to and who is he? He's playing both sides. It's like he's trying to fuel a war between the Kents and the Luthors. He takes a step to save them by destroying whatever evidence Lex's henchman discovered, yet tries to fuel a wedge between Jonathan and Martha. Also, he tries to destroy Lex's campaign and at the same time help fund Jonathan's. He's up to something - and I haven't a clue as to what it is. I love it! It's fresh, new and intriguing.

Lois saves the day on her own - so she thinks. I LOVE IT. This is the Lois Lane/Clark Kent situations that I love. The Lois I've always known thought she was the hero of the two, never knowing what Clark had done to get to the point of her coming to the rescue at the very end. I love that kind of banter.

Another prediction: Lana Lang will die at the hands of *** ******.
Granted, she's part of mythos, but this show has strayed alot from previous mythos and they could make my dreams come true. Lana's no longer important to the story - other than the possibility of being a catalyst that puts two great men on opposite poles. That would sum up her whole role in this show altogether. She would be Clark's Kryptonite and Lex's shattered mirror. However, if they remain on the cheesy path they've been on for the last few years - she'll always be the love of Clark's life and Lois the consellation prize.

Well, this has been Crazy4Smallville's review of Fanatic.

Till next time,

T.L. Gray

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