Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Editing - Getting Into The Spirit

I didn't like the idea of editing... when I knew that it was something ahead of me and that I had to tackle. To me, it looked like a huge giant. But, I've found out that I'm a David after-all.

I'm at the half-way point of really going through and doing some major editing to my novel - The Necromancers-Orientation. I'm finding that as my writing skills improve, so too does my story. I'm also discovering that I had the tools that I needed all along to slay that huge giant; I just didn't know they were lying so near by. David found ten smooth stones in a dried-up riverbed. My stones were found hidden deep down inside and were brought to the surface by wonderful writers that I've recently met, and am proud to call my friends.

Don't get me wrong, my story was a good story to start with - even with it's mistakes. However, with the help and nurturing of my new writing friends, it's become a great, well-written story.

Now, here comes the bad part. This story has recently been submitted to five major publishers (before the latest edits). But, I'm not going to worry about it. Like I said, it was a good story already - and hopefully, that will be enough to garner interest. If it does - I'll have a better version waiting for them. If it doesn't - the next publishers will.

I'm beginning to enjoy the process of editing now. In my writing group (Critique Circle), I'm able to hone those skills by giving critiques in order to submit my own work for critique. I learn from both methods.

I love to learn. I've had a passion for the art of learning since I was a small child. Editing is learning, as well as teaching.

So, watch out giants - because I have a pocket full of stones.

Till next time,

T.L. Gray

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