Friday, January 20, 2006

Crazy4Smallville's Weekly Review 5:11 Lockdown

I really enjoyed this episode, but it wasn't 'great'. I felt it was another one of those 'filler' episodes, leading up to the project that everybody had really put a lot into, so therefore didn't put 100% into this one. But, I did find alot of important storythreads that were touched.

There was one part I absolutely hated - the death of my dearly beloved Sheriff Nancy Adams. HOW DARE THEY! We don't often get to see her wit and strong opinions, but it was a small element that made the show humerous. She's the only person who talked to Clark like he was 'normal' like everybody else. Clark is surrounded by his parents, who know what and who he is and they have nurtured that part of him his whole life. Lana is infatuated with him. Lex is obsessed with him. Chloe is in love with him. The townspeople love and respect him. Yet, Sheriff Adams always put Clark in his place. She treated him like a friend, but also like a suspect. She rebuked yet encouraged him at the same time. She questioned, yet backed off when she knew it wouldn't do any good. The only other person on the show who treats Clark like that is Lois.

BTW - I LOVED the forshadowing scene where Clark is talking with Martha and she tells him that maybe Lana wasn't the one he was meant to be with. Clark then tells her that he couldn't imagine loving anyone else - and then Lois shows up. I can't quite remember what the first part of her line was - but I remember it was forshadowing of what's to come. I thought that was great.

I felt really bad for Chloe when Clark was pretty much telling her that he wanted to marry Lana. I give her Kudos that she was able to hold back her own hurt emotions and give an honest answer to Clark that he has to tell Lana the truth, in order to secure her, otherwise he'll continue to drive her away.

I also liked the connection between Lex and Lana. It was heart wrenching to see Lex nervously try to expose his feelings to her. Lex is a guarded person, even from Lana - yet he allowed himself a small glimmer of hope and opened himself up to her.

Everyone should know by now how much I've hated how this show has exalted Lana's status to be equal that of Lex and Clark. The story of Superman has always been about Lex and Clark. Lana was never a large part of that story, and she played no significant part in the future of Superman. However, in Smallville she's become the pinnacle of mythos. She has been exalted to a point where she's not merely the highschool sweetheart, but much more. She's now been linked to the history of Clark, by having her ancient ancestors part of Clark's history with the whole Isabelle story. Then they have her great Aunt having had an intimate relationship with Clark's father, Jor-El (making her out to be the love of Jor-El's life, which decreases the role of Lara, Clark's mother), now they've made Lana an essential part of Clark's life by portraying her as the love of his life (therfore making Lois Lane the consellation prize) and also the love of Lex's life. I have a feeling that they will soon make her the catalyst that will be the ultimate rift between Clark and Lex. The story will no longer be good verses evil, right verses wrong, compassion over power, but a power struggle of pride over a woman, and that changes who Superman truly was. While Clark fights for truth, justice and the American way - his battle against Lex won't be for those reasons. It will over Lana. So, in essence they've changed the very essence of who and what Superman is - and have lowered him to the status of an average man with a few super gifts. There would be many men who could fill his shoes had they the same gifts. I've yet to see what makes him Kryptonian. They've done a good job trying to make him Super-human.

That's truly been my ought against Lana. No other reason really. I don't hate the character, I just hate how her role in this version of the tale changes the hero I've loved my whole life. Superman's not so super to me anymore. Don't get me wrong, Clark is still applaudable by his self-sacrificing duty to try and save everybody. Yet, how self-sacrificing is he really? What has he truly given up? A chance to cheat a football, a chance to fornicate and be rebellious and irresponsible as other teens. I don't see where he's really sacrificed anything. He's still rebellious, he got to play football and he's even fornicated. Seems like your typical teen life to me. His secret doesn't stop him from having a life - just like other gifted teens whose gifts carve a different path than their peers.

Well, back to the review.

I'm glad Pa Kent sold the back 40. It showed his integrity, honesty and character. He showed that you don't have to have superpowers to be a hero, that its the character of a man that makes him great. I think it will be the greatest and final lesson he'll teach his son.

Till next time,

T.L. Gray

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