Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Dream of Success

I had this dream last night of one incredible day on the site of a new job. Granted, I'm not at a new job, but I’ve learned that maybe dreams have more than one meaning.

Anyway, onto the dream...

It was my first day at a new job and as I walked in to the cramped office area, odd stares were given and a tension filled the air. The man who hired me was in a small office packing his belongings, a young girl sat in a chair shuffling files and I heard two voices coming from a back room. A young man came out, looked at me haughtily and then entered the small office, where shouting ensued. A few minutes later, the young man snatched the door open while the other gentleman carried his filled box and followed behind him. He turned to me as he left and said, "Good luck - with those two."

I turned back to the younger man, clearly confused as to whether I still had a job or not. He smiled at me and then looked crossly at an older woman who walked out of the back room. Her stares were piercing and invading. I knew instantly I wasn't going to get along with her, nevertheless, I squared my shoulders and met her stare. She reluctantly backed down. I turned my attention back to the younger man, who was clearly in charge now and asked, "Well, I'm here - what do I do now?"

A smiled crossed his face... a mischievous smile. He reached over to a nearby shelf and grabbed a dull blue jumper and threw it to me and said, "First thing, you need to wear your uniform... It's company policy for all new employees."

I looked around the room and sure enough the young girl who sat in the chair shuffling folders wore an identical blue uniform. I took it, went to the restroom and quickly changed. Once I emerged, I asked where I was to work. I was directed to a small desk shoved into a corner. The place was a mess. It was dirty, unorganized, the floors were uneven and it was grimy. I sat at the little dusty desk and proceeded to clean it off when the phone rang. Everyone looked at me, as if expecting me to answer it. I did and very politely said, "Hello, thank you for calling ***** this is ***** may I help you?"

There was silence on the other end for a brief moment and then the laughter of a man echoed through the receiver. "Why, you must be the new girl. Now, that is how you answer the phone! Have you settled in your new office yet?" His question surprised me. My new office? I quickly looked at the recently vacated office and then instantly to the younger man and older woman who stood huddled by the door and realized they had played a trick on me. I realized in that instant that I was their boss, not their employee.

A smile crossed my face and I replied, "Why yes sir, I was just doing some inspections and last minute cleaning before I moved it. You can never be too organized. I've also made a decision that those hideous blue uniforms won't be required for any employees." A chuckle was heard from within the phone while cringes of resentment bounced off of my back as I turned away from the huddled duo. A small giggle was heard from the girl shuffling folders.

"Well, I'll come by this afternoon to see how you've settled in," said the man. The phone went blank and I hung up. I turned back to the two nuisances. The older woman snorted and turned back towards the back room.

"Just a minute if you will. This place is a mess and I refuse to work in such conditions. Before anyone does anything else - I want this place cleared out, cleaned up and leveled off (for the floors were partially buckled and leaned to one side). I want that back wall knocked out and two desks placed here in front of my office." I unzipped the blue jumper and stepped out of it so that I stood in nothing but my panties and bra, and threw it at the younger man - whose mouth was gaped open. "I want these burned."

I walked into the cramped office and closed the door. When I walked back out a few hours later, fully dressed in my red power suite, the place didn't look the same. The room was beautifully lit, the floors were even, the space was open, there was plants and pictures and soft lit lamps. It looked warm, cozy and inviting. There was a knock and the door and a man with three other gentlemen walked in. I assumed this was the man from the phone, Mr. *****.

I greeted my boss with a warm smile and a sturdy handshake. His eyebrows raised in approval. But, then I saw him turn towards the two huddled troublemakers and smirk. I had the distinct feeling that I was payback for something. I didn't like the feeling of being part of a mind game. I must have had an odd expression on my face when he turned back to me, because his expression changed. His eyes narrowed as he studied me. I smiled.

"Sir, I had an interesting visitor just before you came. He was a man from ****, which I know is your rival company. He came to wish me well on my new position. You see, I know him from my former job - he was one of my suppliers. He made it quite clear that he could use someone like me in his company. If I happen to be some revenge hire to satisfy a personal vendetta, I will assure you that my time would be spent more wisely at your competitors."

The smile faded from his face. He stood still for a moment and then rubbed his chin and asked, "My God, you're after my job, aren't you?"

I smiled back and replied, "No sir." After a few seconds of pause I finished with, "Your boss's".

He laughed, slapped me on the back and then walked back out of the door, followed by his two cronies.

What a dream! What does it mean? Who knows? What I do know was that I was very proud of myself and my actions. Now it's time for me to get to work.

Till next time,
T.L. Gray