Friday, January 27, 2006

Crazy4Smallville's Weekly Review 5:12 Reckoning

Oh boy! I'm probably not going to get a lot of sympathy with this review, but I have to be honest about what I thought and most of it wasn't good. There were some brilliant parts and some brilliant acting, but there were also some very frustrating parts as well.

So here goes...

Clark finally opens up and tells Lana the truth, takes her to the fortress of solitude, proposes to her and she accepts.... why? Why would she do that and then turn around that very evening sneak out of the Talon and visit with Lex? Because he called, he was depressed, he needed her? So what! She had just made a decision to spend the rest of her life with Clark, who she now knows is a superman and she doesn't even tell him where she's going, discuss with him who called or ask him to go with her. Now who's keeping secrets and lies? Where was her confession of the secrets she'd been withholding from him about her killing Genevieve and Lex covering it up for her and the other stuff? I was very disappointed in her. No matter what kind of friend she considers Lex, she had no business sneaking off to see him. That was the lowest thing she'd ever done. I'm not even considering the fact that it was what got her killed, the act alone is what angered me. Where was her loyalty to Clark and the Kents? I mean, afterall, Jonathan Kent just won an election and his son's finance is sneaking off to console his rival.

At first I wondered why Jonathan Kent was at the crash scene and then I remembered that he had received a phone call while he was at the Talon, which we all know by now was from Lionel. I think Jonathan Kent was meant to die that night, that HE was the life close to Clark that was to be sacrificed for Clark's disobedience. However, I also think that Jonathan knew he was going to die soon, because of the deal he made with Jor-El earlier. I think Lana's death was a consequence of her own making and purely conincedental, yet because it happened and Jonathan stopped to console his son - he missed his own date with destiny. So, that would make the second time around, after Clark's intereference, no longer the result of destiny, but the result of Lana & Clark's decisions and both are responsible.

Look, many of you know how I feel about Lana's character. It's not Lana that I hate, but what she makes my superhero out to be. No longer will Lana be the girl that Clark outgrows, but the one who got away. Lois can never be the love of Clark's life - because Lana will always be the one he wanted. Lois has been dwindled down to the consolation prize - the one he settles with. Also, Clark's reasons for not telling Lana the second time are unfounded. How much more in danger is Lana knowing the truth as Chloe? Clark's enemies will use his best friend as much as his girlfriend against him, so what makes it more dangerous for one to know over the other? Clark knows that Lana would accept him, knowing the truth and it wasn't her knowledge of the truth that got her killed, but her reckless behavior. I don't think Clark is being honest with himself when it comes to the reasons he didn't tell her the second time. I think it was because he couldn't trust her like he had hoped. She still stole away to see Lex without him. Who knows... maybe he still has a chance to grow out of his obsession?

But, another point about this whole new angle is that it also pits Lana in the middle, between Clark and Lex. I'm sure Clark will hold Lex more responsible than Lana for his father's death. Had Lex never called Lana and caused her accident, she wouldn't have died, he wouldn't have had to go back in time to save her, lose her and then lose his father as the life in exchange for hers. Now, she has not only been elevated to the status of being the love of Clark's life, but the very reason for their ultimate rivalry. No longer can the tale of Superman be a story of mere good vs. evil on moral alone - no - now their fight will be over a woman and it just happens that one is on the good side and one is on the bad side. Though Lana lived, I think Clark will still blame Lex for her initial death. I'm not sure he'll be able to get over that, because he lived through it, though no one else did.

But, not all was a total loss in this episode. I thought that Martha was wonderful. She really portrayed a good version of a woman who lost a well-loved and well-respected man. Her speech to Clark was priceless. Now, if he'll just listen to it.

I thought Jonathan's death scene was in good taste. I sat there, almost begging for him to be able to say one last 'I love you" or "good-bye", but was glad when nothing was said. He said everything with his eyes. Also, it made it more realistic. Many times people don't get the chance to say 'good-bye' and John Schnieder did an excellent job with it. I also love the fact that he went out a hero - defending his family like he has always done. I'm frustrated that they didn't show us what was in the picture. (BTW-that's two pictures now we haven't seen. The first one was when Lionel burned that picture from Lex's hired man and now this one. WHAT IS IN THOSE PHOTOS?)

Chloe got the best line in this show. When she mentioned Clark spinning the world backwards on its axis, I nearly choked on my drink. I should learn by now not to be drinking anything when Chloe's on the scene. I also loved her reaction when she asked about her reaction the first time Clark told her about the engagement. It showed that she's trying to very considerate of Clark and not reveal to much of her own feelings. She's a hero in her own right by the support she gives her insensitive friend. She believes in him when he doesn't even believe in himself. I think the look that she gave him at the funeral was of pure compassion, because she alone understands what Clark had given up. I'm sure she noticed Lana reach for his hand, but he didn't return the affection. He stood alone, though he was surrounded by those who loved him. He didn't reach back for Lana and drew away from him - he let her go and only Chloe knows why. I think she saw how much her friend was hurting and she felt extreme compassion for him.

What I found interesting was that Lois had much the same look, but her compassion doesn't come from knowing his sacrifice, but out of her own hidden affections for him. She cares and loves Clark just as deeply as Chloe, but she also much like her cousin in keeping her feelings in check.

I also found it interesting that Lionel and Lex were at the funeral. I understand Lex being there, because no matter how much Jonathan was his political rival, he has a lot of love and respect for him. He's always desired to have a father like Jonathan Kent and on many occassions had tried to latch himself to that family. They represent what is good in the world and he see's Jonathan as the father he always wanted to have. But, Lionel's presence there makes absolutely no sense. Martha would have never invited him, Clark would have never accepted his condolences - so why was he there. I think it also showed him like a roaring lion prowling around his food of prey (Martha). I don't know what Lionel is up to and I hope we find out soon.

I did find it a bit ironic that it was while Clark was saving Lois that Lana almost met her fate again. I mean, come on... if Clark was so adamant about keeping Lana from repeating history - he wouldn't have let her out of his sights for one moment. He knew she was going to get a phone call from Lex, yet he wasn't watching her like a hawk. He could have supersped to save Lois, but he didn't have to stick around to make sure she was alright and to listen to her chide about it. Maybe Lana isn't such a priority to Clark if he was so easily able to completely forget about her while he was saving Lois?

Maybe this epidode was more revealing than I initially thought?

Bottom line: It was a good episode, but very disappointing. The previews for next week leaves me with a disgusted feeling. I don't want to go through another episode of 'rebellious' Clark. I'm ready for him to grow up and get over himself. I had hoped his father's death would have done that for him, but it looks like he's still got a bit of growing up to do.

Till next time!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Dream of Success

I had this dream last night of one incredible day on the site of a new job. Granted, I'm not at a new job, but I’ve learned that maybe dreams have more than one meaning.

Anyway, onto the dream...

It was my first day at a new job and as I walked in to the cramped office area, odd stares were given and a tension filled the air. The man who hired me was in a small office packing his belongings, a young girl sat in a chair shuffling files and I heard two voices coming from a back room. A young man came out, looked at me haughtily and then entered the small office, where shouting ensued. A few minutes later, the young man snatched the door open while the other gentleman carried his filled box and followed behind him. He turned to me as he left and said, "Good luck - with those two."

I turned back to the younger man, clearly confused as to whether I still had a job or not. He smiled at me and then looked crossly at an older woman who walked out of the back room. Her stares were piercing and invading. I knew instantly I wasn't going to get along with her, nevertheless, I squared my shoulders and met her stare. She reluctantly backed down. I turned my attention back to the younger man, who was clearly in charge now and asked, "Well, I'm here - what do I do now?"

A smiled crossed his face... a mischievous smile. He reached over to a nearby shelf and grabbed a dull blue jumper and threw it to me and said, "First thing, you need to wear your uniform... It's company policy for all new employees."

I looked around the room and sure enough the young girl who sat in the chair shuffling folders wore an identical blue uniform. I took it, went to the restroom and quickly changed. Once I emerged, I asked where I was to work. I was directed to a small desk shoved into a corner. The place was a mess. It was dirty, unorganized, the floors were uneven and it was grimy. I sat at the little dusty desk and proceeded to clean it off when the phone rang. Everyone looked at me, as if expecting me to answer it. I did and very politely said, "Hello, thank you for calling ***** this is ***** may I help you?"

There was silence on the other end for a brief moment and then the laughter of a man echoed through the receiver. "Why, you must be the new girl. Now, that is how you answer the phone! Have you settled in your new office yet?" His question surprised me. My new office? I quickly looked at the recently vacated office and then instantly to the younger man and older woman who stood huddled by the door and realized they had played a trick on me. I realized in that instant that I was their boss, not their employee.

A smile crossed my face and I replied, "Why yes sir, I was just doing some inspections and last minute cleaning before I moved it. You can never be too organized. I've also made a decision that those hideous blue uniforms won't be required for any employees." A chuckle was heard from within the phone while cringes of resentment bounced off of my back as I turned away from the huddled duo. A small giggle was heard from the girl shuffling folders.

"Well, I'll come by this afternoon to see how you've settled in," said the man. The phone went blank and I hung up. I turned back to the two nuisances. The older woman snorted and turned back towards the back room.

"Just a minute if you will. This place is a mess and I refuse to work in such conditions. Before anyone does anything else - I want this place cleared out, cleaned up and leveled off (for the floors were partially buckled and leaned to one side). I want that back wall knocked out and two desks placed here in front of my office." I unzipped the blue jumper and stepped out of it so that I stood in nothing but my panties and bra, and threw it at the younger man - whose mouth was gaped open. "I want these burned."

I walked into the cramped office and closed the door. When I walked back out a few hours later, fully dressed in my red power suite, the place didn't look the same. The room was beautifully lit, the floors were even, the space was open, there was plants and pictures and soft lit lamps. It looked warm, cozy and inviting. There was a knock and the door and a man with three other gentlemen walked in. I assumed this was the man from the phone, Mr. *****.

I greeted my boss with a warm smile and a sturdy handshake. His eyebrows raised in approval. But, then I saw him turn towards the two huddled troublemakers and smirk. I had the distinct feeling that I was payback for something. I didn't like the feeling of being part of a mind game. I must have had an odd expression on my face when he turned back to me, because his expression changed. His eyes narrowed as he studied me. I smiled.

"Sir, I had an interesting visitor just before you came. He was a man from ****, which I know is your rival company. He came to wish me well on my new position. You see, I know him from my former job - he was one of my suppliers. He made it quite clear that he could use someone like me in his company. If I happen to be some revenge hire to satisfy a personal vendetta, I will assure you that my time would be spent more wisely at your competitors."

The smile faded from his face. He stood still for a moment and then rubbed his chin and asked, "My God, you're after my job, aren't you?"

I smiled back and replied, "No sir." After a few seconds of pause I finished with, "Your boss's".

He laughed, slapped me on the back and then walked back out of the door, followed by his two cronies.

What a dream! What does it mean? Who knows? What I do know was that I was very proud of myself and my actions. Now it's time for me to get to work.

Till next time,
T.L. Gray

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Update: The Necromancers - Orientation

For those of you who are following the progress of my Necromancer Series, I have a little treat for you today. I want to start off my giving a huge 'THANK YOU' to a friend of mine, Blake, for taking his time out of his very busy college life schedule and tackling the book. I've really put him through the ringer, asked him a slew of questions and yet, he still had only wonderful things to say about the novel.

Here is his blurb:

"In the same fun likeness of Harry Potter, T.L. Gray presents a fantastical epic of magic and the unknown with Necromancers."

There are many others who have read the manuscript already and have had wonderful things to say about it, and you are not forgotten. I've treasured every friend, Beta reader, editor, agent, critiquer and collegue who has taken their time to read this adventure. I'm hoping that the rest of the world will get that chance really soon.

Also, I've been working on my website, changing the look of the site, adding different pictures and have created a new page called NecroMysteries. It's a fun page where I put some interesting facts about hidden elements of the story.

Go check out the website: Don't forget to visit the Necroboard and leave your comments.

Status: I am still working on going over some edits of Orientation, through the help of my friends at Matthew, Les, Ikmar and Andrew - you have all been very helpful and wonderful.

I tried to edit both Orientation and The Year of the Unicorn at the same time, but found switching back and forth between the two timelines was a bit confusing. I've set book two down until I've completed book one. However, I only have six more chapters to write to complete book two.

I've also been working on editing a mystery novel I had written, Bitter Tea. I think its one of my greatest works to date.

Again, I want to say, "Thank You" to everyone who has been so supportive of this project. I wish my agent,, the best of luck in her quest for procuring a publisher and getting this adventure into the hands of everyone else.

Till next time,
T.L. Gray

Friday, January 20, 2006

Crazy4Smallville's Weekly Review 5:11 Lockdown

I really enjoyed this episode, but it wasn't 'great'. I felt it was another one of those 'filler' episodes, leading up to the project that everybody had really put a lot into, so therefore didn't put 100% into this one. But, I did find alot of important storythreads that were touched.

There was one part I absolutely hated - the death of my dearly beloved Sheriff Nancy Adams. HOW DARE THEY! We don't often get to see her wit and strong opinions, but it was a small element that made the show humerous. She's the only person who talked to Clark like he was 'normal' like everybody else. Clark is surrounded by his parents, who know what and who he is and they have nurtured that part of him his whole life. Lana is infatuated with him. Lex is obsessed with him. Chloe is in love with him. The townspeople love and respect him. Yet, Sheriff Adams always put Clark in his place. She treated him like a friend, but also like a suspect. She rebuked yet encouraged him at the same time. She questioned, yet backed off when she knew it wouldn't do any good. The only other person on the show who treats Clark like that is Lois.

BTW - I LOVED the forshadowing scene where Clark is talking with Martha and she tells him that maybe Lana wasn't the one he was meant to be with. Clark then tells her that he couldn't imagine loving anyone else - and then Lois shows up. I can't quite remember what the first part of her line was - but I remember it was forshadowing of what's to come. I thought that was great.

I felt really bad for Chloe when Clark was pretty much telling her that he wanted to marry Lana. I give her Kudos that she was able to hold back her own hurt emotions and give an honest answer to Clark that he has to tell Lana the truth, in order to secure her, otherwise he'll continue to drive her away.

I also liked the connection between Lex and Lana. It was heart wrenching to see Lex nervously try to expose his feelings to her. Lex is a guarded person, even from Lana - yet he allowed himself a small glimmer of hope and opened himself up to her.

Everyone should know by now how much I've hated how this show has exalted Lana's status to be equal that of Lex and Clark. The story of Superman has always been about Lex and Clark. Lana was never a large part of that story, and she played no significant part in the future of Superman. However, in Smallville she's become the pinnacle of mythos. She has been exalted to a point where she's not merely the highschool sweetheart, but much more. She's now been linked to the history of Clark, by having her ancient ancestors part of Clark's history with the whole Isabelle story. Then they have her great Aunt having had an intimate relationship with Clark's father, Jor-El (making her out to be the love of Jor-El's life, which decreases the role of Lara, Clark's mother), now they've made Lana an essential part of Clark's life by portraying her as the love of his life (therfore making Lois Lane the consellation prize) and also the love of Lex's life. I have a feeling that they will soon make her the catalyst that will be the ultimate rift between Clark and Lex. The story will no longer be good verses evil, right verses wrong, compassion over power, but a power struggle of pride over a woman, and that changes who Superman truly was. While Clark fights for truth, justice and the American way - his battle against Lex won't be for those reasons. It will over Lana. So, in essence they've changed the very essence of who and what Superman is - and have lowered him to the status of an average man with a few super gifts. There would be many men who could fill his shoes had they the same gifts. I've yet to see what makes him Kryptonian. They've done a good job trying to make him Super-human.

That's truly been my ought against Lana. No other reason really. I don't hate the character, I just hate how her role in this version of the tale changes the hero I've loved my whole life. Superman's not so super to me anymore. Don't get me wrong, Clark is still applaudable by his self-sacrificing duty to try and save everybody. Yet, how self-sacrificing is he really? What has he truly given up? A chance to cheat a football, a chance to fornicate and be rebellious and irresponsible as other teens. I don't see where he's really sacrificed anything. He's still rebellious, he got to play football and he's even fornicated. Seems like your typical teen life to me. His secret doesn't stop him from having a life - just like other gifted teens whose gifts carve a different path than their peers.

Well, back to the review.

I'm glad Pa Kent sold the back 40. It showed his integrity, honesty and character. He showed that you don't have to have superpowers to be a hero, that its the character of a man that makes him great. I think it will be the greatest and final lesson he'll teach his son.

Till next time,

T.L. Gray

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Review of "Pride & Prejudice"

Here I sit this morning with very heavy eyelids and slow fingers, yet I'm determined to make it through the day.

Last night through the cold wet drizzle we spent a night on the town. The first leg of our evening began with the long trip into the city - during rush hour. We had smooth sailing until we reached Interstate 285 and then we hit gridlock. It wasn't that bad until we got within a five mile radius of our first destination, The Macaroni Grill. However, after a few honks and some quick manuevering and through several lanes, we finally made it to our exit. It quickly reminded me of why I hate the city and would never live within its perimetered borders or work in its congested downtown.

Dinner was great. We started with and appetizer of Calmari, Bruchetta rolls, stuffed mushrooms and bread dipped in extra virgin olive oil and bitter herbs.

The conversation was even better. My daughter was happy to be with her boyfriend and I was quite content to be with my best friend. We talked of happy and funny things. We discussed the rediculousness of some television commercials and of course I talked about my book series, The Necromancers.

The main course was served - and I barely touched my entree, because I was stuffed from the appetizers and bread. My daughter barely nibbled any of her food, as usual, and her boyfriend seemed to really enjoy himself. He was all politeness.

We left the coziness of the restuarant, back into the rain and then back into traffic. This time only after a brief time in the gridlock, we exceled onto the GA400 toll road, paid our $.50 and then travelled with relative ease until we reached our exit. Within minutes we arrived at our destination, parked and proceeded into the theatre.

The play was good, but not great. I thought they lacked on background and settings. Having known the story intimately and created my own image of each of the characters, I was a little disappointed with their 'Elizabeth Bennet'. However, I absolutely adored their 'Mr. Darcy'.

The play ended on a high note, everyone in our party was happy and we braved the cold air that had swept through the area and the strong winds, as we forged our way back to the car.

The ride home was without incident and everyone made it safe and sound into their warm beds, one of which I hated to leave this morning. I was snug and cozy and deep into an adventerous dream when the dreaded and blasted alarmclock went off and interrupted it.

So, here I sit with my coffee cup filled, my bagel half-eaten and my fingers tapping away on the keyboard. It's the beginning of yet another day.

Till next time,
T.L. Gray

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Happy Birthday Meagan!

Today is my daughter's 17th birthday. Tonight I will be taking her to the theater to see Jane Austin's "Pride & Prejudice".

I'm not going to concentrate about all the negative things (she is a teenager after all) that have been going on her life, or dispel all the things that I think need to be changed or improved in her life. No, today I am going to impart blessings upon her.

I pray that she will be blessed.
I pray that she will be prosperous.
I pray that she will be blessed in her coming and going.
I pray that whatever her hands touch will be prosperous.
I pray that she grows intimate with Christ.
I pray that she will be healthy.
I pray that she finds true love.
I pray that she is filled with a love for herself.
I pray that the gifts of God in her are stirred.
I pray that she finds direction in her life.
I pray that she is protected from the snares of her enemies.
I pray that her enemies heap coals upon their own heads.
I pray that she is broken in spirit and placed upon the Potter's wheel.
I pray that she receives wisdom and understanding.
I pray that she receives joy and passion.
I pray that she receives forgiveness, mercy and grace.

Happy Birthday Meagan, and I hope that there are many, many more to come.

Till next time,

T.L. Gray

Monday, January 16, 2006

Crazy4Smallville's Weekly Review 5:10 Fanatic

This review is late because I missed watching Smallville on Thursday because of a scheduled meeting. My husband had bought me a new DVR - and I set it to record Smallville. It did, but not so that I could watch it. It would play only 1 minute at a time and then skip ten. But, I thought I had saved myself, because I had also set the VCR. It recorded fine - but not Smallville. Instead I got two episodes of the Simpsons. It seems that I haven't used my VCR since early fall - and the time had not been changed when we switched daylight savings time back in November. So, just as Smallville came on... the recording stopped. There is no describing how frustrated I was. I ran me a very hot bubble bath and read a book to keep my mind off of Smallville.

However, that didn't work for too long. I knew there was a copy out there and I just had to watch it. So, on Saturday afternoon I found myself sitting on someone else's couch watching this episode. Since then, my husband worked most of Saturday to find out why my DVR recorded the way it did and has set the correct time on the VCR. Yet, I'm still worried. Though we successfully recorded Desperate Housewives last night, I still worry. Because, my next scheduled appointment just happens to be the night of the 100th episode.

So, what about Fanatic? It was... okay. There was some funny parts and some moments, but it was really full of much of the 'same old' things.

How many times will Lex conviently get knocked out? Maybe his psychotic problems is not due to his fathers sadistic teachings and rantings, but of being konked over the head.

How many more times will Lex show up at the hospital showing concern for one of the Kent's and he and Clark have an angst moment? For Pete's sake... that conversation has been beat to death.

How many more psycho's are obsessed with either Lex, Clark or Lana? I suppose since the three spend more time in Metropolis - there's a whole new slew of them. Granted they've already went through the whole population of Smallville.

How many more times will Pa Kent get the crap kicked out of him? I mean - he's already taking some red pills to stay alive. Maybe he wouldn't need them if he wasn't always getting hurt. I'll reiterate what I've always said before - he's really is SuperDad. It's a miracle he's survived this long. But, I have a feeling he's only got a few more episodes until all the abuse finally catches up to him.

Prediction: Jonathan Kent will die at the hands of Lana Lang.

How many more times does Clark and Lana have to have an intense moment and then a conversation about trust and lies? That's what they're whole relationship has been based on. If Clark would just be honest with her and she with Clark - then there would be nothing left but the physical aspect of the relationship - and that might not even be possible. This see-saw has been going on for five years and yet it continues. I'm tired of loft scenes, excuses and mind games.

How many more times will Clark be completely insensitive to Chloe's feelings? It's one thing to continue in an unhealthy obsession - while your best friend sticks by you. It's another to keep rubbing that disaster into their face. As much as I found their conversation hilarious and awkward, I didn't see the purpose for it. So, Clark's having some trust issues with Lana and his abilities to commit fornication. Clark doesn't want to hear what Chloe has to say, because he knows that it wouldn't be anything he wants to do. Only one thing came to verition - He clearly shows that he doesn't trust Lana and he absolutely trusts Chloe (even with the most intimate details)- yet he's still blind as a bat.

Now, onto the good stuff in the episode:

Lionel Luthor - what is that man up to and who is he? He's playing both sides. It's like he's trying to fuel a war between the Kents and the Luthors. He takes a step to save them by destroying whatever evidence Lex's henchman discovered, yet tries to fuel a wedge between Jonathan and Martha. Also, he tries to destroy Lex's campaign and at the same time help fund Jonathan's. He's up to something - and I haven't a clue as to what it is. I love it! It's fresh, new and intriguing.

Lois saves the day on her own - so she thinks. I LOVE IT. This is the Lois Lane/Clark Kent situations that I love. The Lois I've always known thought she was the hero of the two, never knowing what Clark had done to get to the point of her coming to the rescue at the very end. I love that kind of banter.

Another prediction: Lana Lang will die at the hands of *** ******.
Granted, she's part of mythos, but this show has strayed alot from previous mythos and they could make my dreams come true. Lana's no longer important to the story - other than the possibility of being a catalyst that puts two great men on opposite poles. That would sum up her whole role in this show altogether. She would be Clark's Kryptonite and Lex's shattered mirror. However, if they remain on the cheesy path they've been on for the last few years - she'll always be the love of Clark's life and Lois the consellation prize.

Well, this has been Crazy4Smallville's review of Fanatic.

Till next time,

T.L. Gray

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Editing - Getting Into The Spirit

I didn't like the idea of editing... when I knew that it was something ahead of me and that I had to tackle. To me, it looked like a huge giant. But, I've found out that I'm a David after-all.

I'm at the half-way point of really going through and doing some major editing to my novel - The Necromancers-Orientation. I'm finding that as my writing skills improve, so too does my story. I'm also discovering that I had the tools that I needed all along to slay that huge giant; I just didn't know they were lying so near by. David found ten smooth stones in a dried-up riverbed. My stones were found hidden deep down inside and were brought to the surface by wonderful writers that I've recently met, and am proud to call my friends.

Don't get me wrong, my story was a good story to start with - even with it's mistakes. However, with the help and nurturing of my new writing friends, it's become a great, well-written story.

Now, here comes the bad part. This story has recently been submitted to five major publishers (before the latest edits). But, I'm not going to worry about it. Like I said, it was a good story already - and hopefully, that will be enough to garner interest. If it does - I'll have a better version waiting for them. If it doesn't - the next publishers will.

I'm beginning to enjoy the process of editing now. In my writing group (Critique Circle), I'm able to hone those skills by giving critiques in order to submit my own work for critique. I learn from both methods.

I love to learn. I've had a passion for the art of learning since I was a small child. Editing is learning, as well as teaching.

So, watch out giants - because I have a pocket full of stones.

Till next time,

T.L. Gray

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Working Under Pressure

Have you ever noticed that you find energy you didn't know you had when you are placed under pressure.

After coming back from a little time off for the holiday's the work is piled high. The "To-Do" list just keeps getting longer and longer. Everywhere I turn someone needs something. Things are changing, yet here I go.

I feel like I'm in the middle of a battle wielding my sword, and just and the point that I don't have another swing left, another surge of adrenaline shoots out... and here I go again.

I can ruin a whole day by dreading the next, yet things work out - despite my unbelief and stress.

So, I suppose the whole point to the whole struggle is that it's vanity to worry about the messes, piles, battles and obsticles and just get busy with going through them because what you need to get through it will be there.

Well... now it's time for my afternoon power nap - and believe me, I need it!

Till next time!