Monday, September 23, 2013

Cheating the Impossible - Article by Jeff Suwak

One of the most inspiring articles I've read lately is by Jeff Suwak, author of Beyond the Tempest Gate, as he talks about meeting what would be seen as impossible tasks.

He takes examples from the author and tight rope artist - Phillip Petit - who walked a tight rope between the Twin Towers in New York City in the 1970's. 

Here’s a snippet of his article: 

"The lesson he garnered from the experience as that no task was impossible. If we focus with absolute conviction upon the next minuscule task ahead of us, we will achieve any larger goal composed of those smaller objectives."

Another interesting tidbit I found in the article is the recommendation to listen to certain music before reaching certain chapters.  When I'm writing my novels, I listen to certain mix of songs as inspiration for my characters or event, because it creates a certain feel and atmosphere I'm hoping to capture in that particular story. 

"Before each chapter, Petit recommends a song to listen as a backdrop to the story. I took the suggestion for one section and listened to Sting’s “Let Your Soul be Your Pilot” while reading about the essential virtues of patience and virtue in achieving anything worthwhile in life. The trick worked. The song combined with the text turned the experience into one of artful introspection an intellectual exploration. It’s a worthwhile idea that I’ve never seen done in a book before, and just one example of the many experiments he makes within the brief text."

Click on the picture above to read the full article. While there, leave a comment.  I'm sure Jeff Suwak would love to hear if this article also inspired you.

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