Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Continuing Quest

No one likes to receive dismal news, especially right in the middle of a hard campaign that is often fought alone. Accolades, elation, celebration and jubilation are desired special effects to build resolve. Yet, living every day in the middle of chaos, pushing the mind, energy and focus to the extreme limit, all with a hope for a promise of a nice rainbow and pot of gold at the end of the process, seems a bit deflated when there’s not even a hint of a pot and the skies remain gray and overcast.  It is known that the rainbow doesn’t appear until after the storm. Yet, one foot must still be placed in front of the other right in the middle of the downpour, amid the search for the rainbows end. 

Heads must remain high amongst the throngs of naysayers, those who shout their insults against the mere belief that the possibility exists.  Don’t blink, even when rain drips from lashes and stings the eyes and blurs the vision.  Keep moving, even when feet are wrinkled and numb within the soggy boots, as they slosh through muddy paths.  A promise doesn’t come by magic – a simple snap of the finger.  It comes by faith – through trial and testing. 

Is there courage enough to stand to continue this quest?  Or will the dream be allowed to wither and die in the face of adversity?

Till next time,

~T.L. Gray

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