Friday, October 06, 2006

Crazy4Smallville's Weekly Review 6:2

Hilarious! That's what I'd call this episode. It was light and full of small bits of humor.

Perhaps its the mother in me, but I loved seeing Clarky with the sniffles. More than that, I loved seeing his responses and reactions to Lois. They were so adorable and hilarious. That quirky smile just made you want to bust out laughing when he tried to look surprised about the barn door. It looks like he's getting used to Lois' barge in and let her fly attitude. I think she compliments him quite well, because he's such the opposite. That's also one of the things I love about Lois. She stays the same as she moves forward. Glad to see her getting the 'journalistic' bug. With Chloe around, it shows that she still has a long way to go.

I loved the superbreath, but I think they failed in the delivery of explaining how he got it and why now. Just the chance that he picked up some bug in the Zone doesn't really cut it for me. Clark showed no sign of developing this power, he's almost completely grown now and yet it just shows up one day. Perhaps they meant to 'show' its appearance because of him being worn out from doing so much repair work in Metropolis and because he got 'sick' this was the first opportunity for it to appear, but that seems kind of lame to me. I think a little bit more creativity was needed in this area. I loved the special effects and the hilarious results, especially in the Daily Planet. Funny! I also liked his little joke he played with Chloe, teasing her. I let out a loud roar of laughter with that one.

I love how Clark and Chloe are so comfortable around each other. They work great together, Clark can tell her anything, she can tell him anything, they can talk about the hard stuff (Clark talking about Lana) and disagree with each other (Chloe arguing with Clark that she wanted to help) - without threatens the relationship. I think the reason this works so well is because the relationship isn't all about themselves. Clark and Chloe are both givers and not takers. They do for others and have really only had a few selfish moments in their life. (Chloe with the deal she made for Lionel back a few seasons to get the internship at the Daily Planet and Clark not returning to Jor-El to stay with Lana.) Most of the time, these two are out fighting against the evils of society (Chloe with her pen and extraordinary hacking skills and Clark with his super powers) not asking for anything in return. They respect each other and are completely honest with each other about everything. That's the basis of a good relationship - whether it stays in the friends arena or not. I love seeing this type of relationship being portrayed. It shows the most important elements in a relationship and none of it has to do with the physical body.

Lionel - what is up with him? Has the old Lionel returned? It sure looks like it, but then in the next scene he seems like his new improved selfless self. I will always keep a suspect eye on him and question his motives. I know he wants Martha, so that could be the reason for the 'good guy' act when it comes to Clark and trying to keep his secret, but what his old 'ruthless' self when it comes to people who interact with Lex and against Lex himself? I think he's a really intriguing character and I love to see him every week.

Lex - as much as I love Lex and thought he looked sexy when he was driving that car, I felt let down by his actions in this episode. However, I'm still holding out hope that it was because I only got to see 'part' of the story. The way he reacted to his abductors was mild and wimpy for Lex. It's like there was no fight in him. The Lex I know would have been smart and demanding and not so forthcoming, especially about secrets he didn't want to divulge. If he can survive his father having him go through electric shock treatment, the little threat of a pistol should be no problem. Lex gets pistol whipped, except this time he was shot - again. If I were Lex I'd be on a anti-gun protest - he's either getting hit or shot with one every week it seems.

What is Lex up to and how much does he really remember? I'm assuming it was Lana who told him about Zod, because for someone who doesn't remember anything, he speaks the name so casually. Also, he isn't questioning what happened during Terrible Thursday, but giving more a protest of responsibility by not being able to remember. If I didn't remember something, I'd be doing everything I could and asking everybody I knew what happened to fill in the puzzle, just like the measures he went through to try and regain the memories he lost when his daddy electrocuted him. I think he does remember and he's trying to re-develop the serum that gave him the powers BEFORE Zod inhabited him. I think he still has some of those powers, because when he was huddled with Lana, he didn't seem 'scared' , but relaxed. I think he was about to be forced to expose his powers, or else he would knock out Lana first and then use them, but Clark showed up and extinguished the flames and he didn't have to. The reason I think it's more than we were shown is because Rosenbaum is too good of an actor to have been so blase' about the whole thing. He's more like Lionel than he realizes.

So, the Green Arrow has made an appearance. Other than he's cute and awfully sarcastic, I really don't have much of an opinion of him, yet. I look forward to seeing how they will develop his character on the show and see how he interacts with Clark and Lex and even Lois.

Loved Chloe's lame attempt at trying to cover up Clark's little 'snafu' with the barn door to Lois and am not a bit surprised that Lois accepted the theory that Chloe spoon fed her and then ran with it as an article. Typical Lois and quite hilarious.

But, the best thing I loved about last night's episode was the heroic effort on Clark's part - and it had nothing to do with his use of his super powers, but is wrapped up in the fact that he used them with discretion - at the mansion with overhearing Lana and in the warehouse with Lex and Lana. He's beginning to realize who he can trust and who he can't and that there was no sense being seen and having to make up some lame excuse of why he was there. I think he's beginning to realize the need and importance of being discreet and hopefully will soon realize the need for a secret identity. Oh, and I also loved the fact that it was Chloe that helped him discover his true power - super-breath instead of super-sneeze.

Till next time,
~T.L. Gray

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