Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Midnight War

The raindrops pound on the roof,
like on an angry warrior's drum.
Pat-a-pat, pat, pat.
Pat-a-pat, pat, pat.

The swishing stirs my soul,
my eyes widen with every howl
and dart at every flash of light.

Wincing, I wait for the boom to come,
tightening my grip on my security.
Holding my breath when it blasts its horn.

A chill travels down my back
like an invisible hand, cold and tingly.
I shiver.

Shadows dance upon the walls of the darkened room,
taunting, playing... laughing.
My heart urges to join in, but I'm too afraid to try.

I listen to the world play its angry song,
releasing all its pent-up frustration.

The floodgates release, the dancers dance,
the instruments play and the audience gasps at its wonder,
exploding with applause and praise.

The curtains slowly fall, the music eases, the beating slows in the distance.
A soft melody plays as the players take a bow.

As the curtains fall, I drift off into a wild adventure,
hearing the sound of the distant war drums,
knowing I survived the battle... this time.
Pat-a-pat, pat, pat.
Pat-a-pat, pat, pat.

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