Friday, October 20, 2006

Crazy4Smallville's Weekly Reviews 6:4

The Green Arrow arrived with a zing, much like the way his arrows zip through the air.
Lex Luthor rose from the darkened ashes, and it's about time.
Lionel Luthor showed his true colors, and the black is coming out.
Lana Lang revealed she can manipulate as well as being manipulated, which surprised me.
Lois Lane realized her zest for truth, justice and the journalistic pen.
Chloe shone like a beacon on a lighthouse.
Clark realized there's a whole world that needs to be saved, not just Lana Lang.

Issues of secret identities, being journalists, duality, secret affections, truth, justice, etc... all these things were mentioned in subtle ways, which in my opinion, made it great. Though Clark didn't have to do a lot of daring rescues, he showed strength in character. I thought it was done brilliantly. He learned about honor and the possibility of his role as an actual hero, and his possible leadership. His powers aren't what make him great - it's his integrity combined with those powers that make him great.

I loved this episode and I hope there are more like it. It wasn't filled with a bunch of sensationalizm, targeted at the raging hormones of teenagers, but about the heart of a hero. That's what the show should be about.

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