Tuesday, October 24, 2006


As inspired by the great episode of Heroes last night, I'm thinking about them this morning and asking myself, 'What makes one a hero'? I know it's not a super ability, because many have abilities and often use them for their own selfish gain. No, it's not what someone can do that makes them a hero, but how and why they do what they do.

A firefighter is a hero, because he risks his life everyday to save others. He runs into a burning building while the rest of us run out. He faces the danger, while we hide from it. That doesn't make us bad - that makes us human and with common sense. It doesn't make him bad with no common sense, but good and brave - and in my definition a hero.

Here are list of heroes (in my view)
Soldier - who puts thier lives on the line to protect and serve their country.
Mother - who puts the needs of her child above her own desires. (Not everyone who's given birth to a child is a mother.)
Father - who leads, protects and sacrifices for his family.
Pastor - who spritually feeds his flocks.
Teacher - who desires to see our youth learn how to learn.
Tither - one who trusts in God's provision.
Husband - that honors and cherish's his wife and see's her as his crown, his precious gift.
Wife - that honors and cherish's her husband and see's him as the spiritual head and leader.
Children - who submit and obey God & their parents - fulfilling a loving legacy for the next generation.
Friend - who tells you what you 'need' to hear, not what you 'want'.

The world is full of heroes, most that do not have a special ability. While all of those listed above also have people who are selfish, greedy and evil - I tend to believe that there are a lot more heroes than we realize.

While we may not have the ability to fly, paint the future, bend the space-time continuum, heal ourselves, read other's thoughts or split in two, there are heroes among us just the same. But, how cool would it be if some of us could do those things?

Till next time,
~T.L. Gray

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