Monday, October 23, 2006

Magic Island - Chapter One Critiques

It looks like the first chapter of Magic Island is turning out to be a big hit in my critique group. My critters are doing a really good job of pointing out any of the little things I sometimes overlook and I appreciate every bit of constructive criticism they dish out. The harder they are on me, the more I feel that they really care about the story. I know... I do the same with stories I care about.

I really love my critique group. I'd recommend finding one for every writer out there. The process alone helps to sharpen your skills, making you a better writer. A true writer has a natural gift to tell a story, however they may not possess the 'structural' knowledge or discipline to put that story out in the best shape possible - and that takes practice, training and lots of lots of rewrites and edits.

When I first started writing, I hated the editing process. I had a story and it sounded great to me. But, I had to realize that my story on paper didn't match the story in my head. Other readers didn't see what I saw, because I didn't write it that way. The difference is - I 'told' a story instead of taking the reader on an adventure.

Well, I have lots of critiques to review and even more stories to critique.

Till next time,
~T.L. Gray

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