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Crazy4Smallville's Weekly Review 6:3

Crazy4Smallville’s Weekly Review – 5:3 Whither

While I probably won’t be listing this episode in my top twenty favorites, I plan on focusing on its positives. I don’t want to whine and groan about how lame the battle was with Ms. Vicious Vine, but come on… I expected a little more than that little whimper. Perhaps that should have been the name of the episode, instead of whither. I suppose they didn’t have enough time to do a good battle scene because they had several minutes to fill with Lex and Lana’s sexcapade.

So, that’s all the ranting I’m going to do… the rest of the review will accentuate the positives… at least TRY to anyway.

I’ll start with Chloe and Jimmy, since that’s where the episode started. While I know that Jimmy and Chloe has had a ‘history’, the chemistry just doesn’t seem to be there. They ‘seemed’ like two high-school kids going on their first ‘parking’ expedition. While, they are a little wet behind the ears – Chloe only having the one experience with Jimmy a few years ago, and never having had a steady boyfriend – I think they could have worked a little more on the awkwardness. Also, the sucking and moaning sounds during the make-out session was a little on the gross side. (Oh darn… and I said I wasn’t going to groan.) On the bright side – I do like the idea of them having a relationship. I just wish they’d be a little more mature about it.

It was great seeing Jimmy with his camera. I like Aaron Ashmore’s portrayal of Jimmy, especially his jealousy and possessiveness. It was a great scene when he called Chloe his ‘girl’ and Chloe corrected him. Seeing the perplexed look on Clark’s face was priceless. Welling really ‘showed’ how conflicted Clark feels about this relationship. He wants to be happy for Chloe, but he also wants to be happy WITH Chloe and thus the conflict.

Clark took some really huge steps when it comes to him ‘getting over’ Lana. While he showed concern for her during his argument with Lex, he didn’t whine about her. He even took interest in Ms. Vicious Vine when he first saw her – showing that the Lana blinders are falling off and that other ‘women’ actually roam the earth (they just don’t all happen to be human.)

Ah, the confrontation with Lex was awesome. It was the best scene in the episode. When Lex told Clark that his days of showing up unannounced were over – I found myself really excited and wanted to scream for Clark to punch him across his nose. I love to hate Lex… and I’m glad Lex is finally giving me the ammunition to do it. Yet, a few scenes later he gives me just the opposite… he makes me hate to love him, but I can’t help it. When he spoke about being young and finding out about his mother’s death from a microphone being shoved in his face by nosy reporters, it broke my heart and I found myself rooting for Lex. Rosenbaum does an excellent job with this character and he doesn’t look back doing it either. That Alexander the Great outfit looked HOT!!!

I loved the whole Lois and Oliver exchange. Her first treating him like a delivery boy, then apologizing, then eating crow, then going out with him…etc. … it was great. When she told him to ‘aim higher’ when he was aiming at the can, that was a very subtle, yet awesome touch… because I think she meant that both physically and metaphorically. Oliver looked good in that green outfit and when he’s pulling back that bow… something changes his appearance and he projects that superhero image. While as plain ol’ billionaire Oliver Queen – he looks a little dorky. But, I think that is what’s going to make his character so great. The super part is played up more than the young rich heir.

Martha looked very beautiful and I loved how she rebuked Lois and her ‘quick to make judgment actions’.

Lana – okay – some of you better copy this review because this will probably be one of only a few times I’m going to say this. I actually liked Lana tonight. I liked the fact that she stood up to Lex about becoming one of his ‘kept women’…. I liked how she tried to come up with an excuse to see Chloe, because it showed that she feels bad about the predicament she’s in and shows a little respect for the position that Chloe’s in, but that she really needed a friend’s advice. Also, Chloe was the one who gave her the advice the first time – when she thought about sleeping with Jason – and now with Lex. I loved her Cleopatra outfit – I thought she looked beautiful. I think has been the strongest showing of Lana’s character. I even liked the fact that she ‘took the lead’ when she decided to be intimate with Lex. I’m one that doesn’t believe in sex outside of marriage, but knowing that’s not her belief, I’m glad to see her taking charge of her own decisions.

I missed seeing Lionel, but I’m sure I’ll see him soon enough.

The whole “Phantom Zone Freak of the Week” plot could have been skipped as far as I’m concerned, so I won’t bother to write about it.

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